Chlorella and Radiation





Chlorella has been known for its properties of removing Radiation, which is a heavy metal for some time now. Chlorella was used extensively after the Chernobyl disaster in the Ukraine.

Now the biggest concern people have regarding chlorella is if it is contaminated with radiation where it is growing. This is a real issue that we need to address as everyone's safety worldwide is now a hot topic of discussion.


Radiation contamination is a very real concern that everyone in the chlorella industry is concerned about. My biggest concern was for chlorella coming out of Japan. Most of the Japanese chlorella is grown in Okinawa, Japan which is about 1800 km from the nuclear reactors that are leaking. Taiwan is further away than this which is where our chlorella is grown.


Here is a link to one of the largest Japanese growers of chlorella in Okinawa: Please read their radiation report on their home page.

Yaeyama Chlorella located in Okinawa Japan


Note at this Japanese production facility of chlorella that they are planning on having independent 3rd party testing of their chlorella batches several times per month until this  situation is over. We also need to remember that chlorella is grown only in fresh water not ocean water (thankfully), as I would definitely not eat any creatures out of the ocean now as fish can travel thousands of miles, be eaten by another fish who travels thousands of miles so in my opinion it is not safe to do anymore.

Here is another link where the Japanese government is testing radiation in each of their district prefectures on a regular basis. They are testing daily and the first link is for Okinawa the second link is for all areas of Japan, and the 3rd link is for Fukushima.

This 3rd link is very important as is shows how seriously the Japanese government is now taking this. The 3rd link shows how much testing they are doing in the highest affected area.



Okinawa Radiation Monitoring

At the above link note that no radiation has been detected in Okinawa, Japan



List of all radiation testing cuurently being monitored daily in Japan

On the above link you will see that all of japan is divided into different areas called Prefectures. You can click on any of the geographic areas in Japan and see current radiation monitoring reports.


Here is a PDF file showing a radiation report for Fukushima and detailed chart on understanding radiation. The chart is on page 4 and we highly recommend it.